Server Monitoring Terms of Service

  1. This service will periodically retrieve the URL provided above and determine if the Text which should occur in the URL specified above is contained within the html response. By accepting these terms of service, you are warranting that you have authority and control over the stated URL, and that you are authorizing Tracent Technologies and its service providers to access this URL up to 25 times per day for purposes of monitoring that URL.
  2. Each access of the URL will be logged with the time, date, response time, and a Boolean value indicating the presence of the Text which should occur in the URL. If the Text which should occur in the URL is not present, the system will notify you at the Email Address provided above and, if subscribed to the Advanced or Unlimited plan, an SMS text message sent to the Mobile Phone Number provided above.
  3. Messages sent will contain the time, date, and nature of the failure. For example, a notification message may state that a 404 error occurred indicating the requested URL does not exist on the target server. If a valid HTML response was received, but the Text which should occur in the URL is not present in the response, the notice will indicate that a valid page was returned, but the required content was not present.
  4. A confirmation message will be sent by email, and if you selected the Advanced or Unlimited plans, also by SMS text, once you successfully complete this sign-up page. If you do not receive a confirmation, please return to this page and sign up again to correct any errors in your information.
  5. Tracent Technologies makes no warranties or guarantee that: a) it will attempt to retrieve the URL on any particular schedule, or at all; b) it will accurately detect any or all failures of the URL host, server, page or response; c) it will accurately issue notices of retrieval failures or errors upon any or all occurrences; d) that any notices sent will actually be received by the recipient; or d) that logs will contain any or all events without error or that logs will be maintained for any period of time.
  6. You can cancel this service, including server monitoring events, logging, and notification, at any time by sending an email with the URL and the word CANCEL in the subject line to .
  7. You may opt out of email notifications by replying to an email notice with the word STOP as the first word of the subject.
  8. You may opt out of SMS text notifications by replying to an SMS text notice with the word STOP.
  9. After you reply STOP to an email or SMS text message, we will reply one time with confirmation that you have been unsubscribed. After this, you will no longer receive any messages from us via the mode you used to reply STOP. The URL will continue to be monitored until you cancel the services as described above. If you want to resume email or SMS text messages, you can sign up again as you are doing from this page.
  10. If you are experiencing issues with the messaging system, you may reply with the word HELP as the contents of your SMS text message or the first word of the subject in an email for assistance. You can also get help by emailing us at .
  11. Tracent Technologies, its service providers, your cellular carrier, nor your web host are responsible for any lost, delayed, corrupted, misdirected, or undelivered notifications.
  12. Message and data charges may apply to any messages you send to or receive from us. Depending on the reliability and predictability of your server, web site software and internet transport, you may receive up to 25 messages per day from us. We generally attempt to throttle repetitive messages, but we cannot guarantee that throttling will always occur. Under some circumstances you could receive 1 message for each message mode (email and SMS text) after each hourly monitoring event. If you have any questions about your email or SMS text plan and any potential message or data charges, please contact your email provider and/or wireless carrier.
  13. If you have any questions concerning privacy, please consult our privacy policy.

  14. By checking the box below, you are agreeing to these terms of service. If you do not agree, please close this page without clicking the Sign Up button below.