About Tracent Technologies

History, Focus, and Qualifications

Tracent Technologies, Inc., was founded in 1990 as TechKnowledge Systems, Inc. (“TSI”) by Stuart Stevenson, and Kearn Lacey, two CPAs from Dallas, Texas with extensive public accounting experience in the areas of computer auditing, financial modeling, software engineering, infrastructure planning, and strategic business analysis. TSI was formed for the purpose of assisting clients who were installing new accounting systems, primarily Platinum Software. Due to requests from accounting systems clients however, TSI began offering custom programming services to either extend the functionality of clients’ accounting systems or integrate them with other computer applications. By the end of the first 12 months, custom programming services made up over 75% of the business.

In the mid 1990s, TSI merged with InfoSys Services to form InfoTech Software Corporation. While InfoTech utilized TSI’s expertise by continuing to provide accounting system implementations and custom programming services, it also developed an extensive application to accommodate the needs of manufacturing companies. Named a “Fast Tech 50” company for three consecutive years, InfoTech spun off two divisions in early 1998. This yielded Tracent Technologies.

Today, Tracent is focused on four primary areas:

  • Application development. Tracent started developing applications in the days before Windows in a DOS character-based world, with programs typically running on standalone PCs or on Local Area Networks (“LANs”). With today’s modern integrated development environments and cloud computing platforms, we now have many more options to develop rich, data-driven, applications. Tracent is a Microsoft Certified Partner, with staff members certified as:
    • Microsoft Certified Professional
    • Certified Public Accountant
    • Certified Production and Inventory Manager
    • Certified Network Developer
    • Certified Network Administrator
    • Project Management Professional
  • Web Site Design, the graphical appearance of a web site.
  • Web Site Hosting, including content management, e-commerce and co-location services.

Our practice is not only comprised of technical “know-how”, but business planning as well, covering all major aspects of business computing. Prior to joining Tracent, our professionals worked in companies of varying sizes, both public and private. We have both formal training and practical experience in administration, management, finance, accounting, information systems management, voice and data communications, application design and development, database design and management, and local and wide-area networking.